Thursday, April 20, 2017

Enduring the Storms of Marriage

Tomorrow is my anniversary and I am so excited! I can’t believe it has been a YEAR. Honestly this first year of marriage has been one for the books. Because before we even got to the end of our wedding day we started facing some storms. On our way home from the wedding we got pulled over. Since then it seemed like one thing after another. From car trouble to joblessness, this year has been the most challenging time in my life to date.  I had no idea that marriage would be this challenging, but in many ways I am glad it has been a difficult first year. When I think about all the foolishness we have been through I can truly take James 1:2-4 seriously. I can see how all our issues have pushed us to grow up spiritually and emotionally.
So the question is, “How do you endure the storms of marriage?” In my opinion there are three keys to handling storms.

Stay prayed up.
I have prayed more this past year than I have in my ENTIRE life. Prayer forces you to humble yourself under God, when that happens you can cast all your worries on him. Talking to God on a regular basis (sometimes every hour) reminds you of everything he has brought you through before and it makes you realize his sovereignty, even in the midst of hardship. You learn to rest in his power to orchestrate your life.

Stay in your word.
There is nothing like going through a situation and then opening up the word of God and having a passage speak to you on YOUR specific situation and give you comfort. Psalms is notorious for doing this. However there are 65 other books that can do the same thing. Sometimes it’s a story that helps you push through the day and give you hope. Sometimes it’s a promise that reminds you of your identity in Christ. No matter what you do you can’t stop reading the bible, the book is alive and the words will jump off the page if you read it with an open heart and a humble spirit.

Don’t shut down.
I made this mistake so many times. I am the queen of the shut down. When I get upset I get quiet and I bottle up my emotions. This is not healthy at ALL.  Thankfully John has a very strong personality so no matter how I feel or what we are going through he forces me to express my feelings about our situation and listens without judging me for having doubts. It is always best to communicate your feeling shutting down will push to towards insanity.

I hope these keys help you endure the storms that you go through in marriage, and if you are single I hope you use these keys as you walk through life with your heavenly father. Trust me they make a world of difference.

Here are some scriptures that helped me during this first year:

James 1:2-4
Colossians 1:9-14
Matthew 6:25-34
Isaiah 40:1-31
Isaiah 55:1-13


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